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Get your Service of Process completed professionally in an affordable and efficient manner


Law Firm of Luke J Blahnik serves legal process upon private and commercial parties anywhere in the SE Minnesota area for the following rates:


  • $60.00 for first attempt

  • $30 for each subsequent attempt


Simply fax or email the documents to be served to this office, along with the full name, age, and physical description of the party to be served, with the address to serve the party at, (if known), and Law Firm of Luke J Blahnik will begin the process. 


  • A $60.00 deposit via Paypal is required before any service attempts can be conducted.  Please visit this website's "CONTACT" page to find a link to "Paypal," (towards the bottom of the page), to arrange for this payment.  This payment will be applied towards services performed.  If the first service attempt is successful, this is the only payment you will need to make. 


Law Firm of Luke J Blahnik will send you the Affidavit of Service by first class mail following successful service of process. 




DISCLAIMER: Law Firm of Luke J Blahnik does not serve parties that are clients of this law firm, or parties to cases this law firm is handling.  Law Firm of Luke J Blahnik will prompty inform you if this is the case, and issue a full refund of any deposits made prior to such knowledge. 



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